Our state-of-the-art 15,500 SF facility consists of a dedicated 60’ X 50’ X 17’ positive pressure, fire-suppressed paint booth, in which both temperature and dew point can be controlled, allowing us to paint in any weather condition, 365 days of the year. In the paint booth, there are 96 fluorescent light fixtures in the walls and ceiling. The input air make-up units have a heating output of 2.2 million BTUs each, and allow us to raise the temperature to a level ideal for both comfort and year round production.

Our 105’ X 60’ center section is the area in which aircraft are prepared for stripping, a process that includes removal of flight controls, gear doors, cowlings, etc. This area is also used for design layout on each aircraft once the base coat has been applied, as well as being used for detailing the aircraft for delivery to our customers.

In the fully contained 60’ X 80” strip booth, the aircraft are stripped, washed, acid-etched, and alodined in preparation for the paint process. Additionally, body work and corrosion removal are done in this area.

Tejas AeroServices
2275 Airport Drive
San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos Municipal Airport (KHYI)

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