The Highest Quality in the Industry

Our procedures are designed to provide you with the highest quality in the industry. Your aircraft will be painted while disassembled. By doing this, the aircraft can be inspected by maintenance personnel without doing damage to the finish. Everything we do is designed to enhance the quality and durability of the finish on your aircraft.

1. Upon delivery, the aircraft will be given a thorough inspection to find any discrepancies that will affect the final quality of the finished product. Upon completion of the inspection, a list of required and recommended repairs will be provided to the customer.

2. Necessary body work, dents, hail damage and corrosion is addressed at this time. All external aluminum surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and hot water, high pressure wash. These surfaces will then be neutralized, acid etched, and alodined for maximum corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

3. A two (2) component epoxy primer will be applied, followed by the application of customer-selected colors and design.

4. All control surfaces will be reinstalled after static balance verification. A certified Airframe technician will perform this operation.

5. Stainless steel fasteners will be installed in non-structural inspection panels, fairings, and wingtips. De-ice boots will be cleaned and dressed.

6. Aircraft will undergo a final inspection and detailing prior to delivery to the customer.

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